Camilla Tornø

Senior Business Consultant

Associate Partner

Camilla has a background in large international companies. She has a solid foundation for handling a high level of complexity in both business and finance processes.


Project Experience

Columbus / Business Consultant, AX Finance

  • Responsible Finance Consultant when implementing AX2012 Finance in a large Danish transport company
  • Part of AX2012 implementation in a company within the offshore wind sector in direct corporation with Microsoft
  • Costing project in production company, full understanding and utilization of costing models for performance management
  • Month-end processes and procedures and general support and utilizing of the finance module in AX2012

ECCO Holding / Finance and administration manager
ECCO Sko / Head of Business Controlling and Support, wholesale/retail

  • Finance manager in ECCO Holding with the responsibility for the consolidated accounts for the group and participating in establishing and supporting a shared service centre in Switzerland for a new company in the Holding Group
  • Responsible for sales controlling of more than 50 subsidiaries in the ECCO Group within wholesale and retail. With a focus on business analysis and strategic decision making and direct presentation hereof for the Board of Directors
  • Responsible for the overall budget process for all subsidiaries and primary role in implementing a new budgeting and consolidation tool as well as a new management reporting package
  • Participating in re-implementing SAP in all companies in the ECCO Group
  • Internal audits, due diligences and process improvements in subsidiaries

Brdr. Hartmann / Business economist / production controller

  • Production controller with the responsibility of all direct costs (wages and materials) hereunder budgeting and efficiency analysis as well as monthly deviation analysis and reporting
  • Responsible for bill of materials and standard cost calculations for 4 Production units
  • Financial calculations and support to the Management in strategic decision making

Camilla has a solid experience within a broad range of finance functions, hereunder financial and accounting management, controlling – wholesale, retail and production, budgeting, consolidation and management reporting.


IZARA, Associate Partner
Columbus, Business Consultant, AX Finance
ECCO Holding, Finance and Administration Manager
ECCO Sko, Head of Business Controlling and Support, Wholesale/Retail
Brdr. Hartmann, Business Economist / Production Controller


Syddansk Universitet, HD-R 2005
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
Financial and Management Accounting


Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Financials
Professional Coach, Coaching and Communication


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