Set your business free

With our extensive experience of 20+ years in the field of global business transformation, we have seen that IT is increasingly becoming a strategic liability.

The fundamental commitment from IT management must always be the constant reduction of unit costs. This is common knowledge among CIOs, and the discipline of getting more out of less has been refined in great detail.

However, there is an inherent problem in only focusing on lowering your unit costs. One of the risks this approach entails is missing out on business opportunities, the creation of new services as well as potential divestments, acquisitions and mergers, due to an inflexible IT model.

In other words, CIOs should be obliged to constantly think about how they can improve business agility and ensure that the IT infrastructure, systems, processes and the organization itself are nimble and that they contribute to value creation within the company.

We translate this into three promises that the IT investments must deliver on:

  • Simplicity – IT needs to be simple in order to be cost effective
  • Flexibility – IT must be flexible enough to instantly facilitate change
  • Scalability – IT must be able to scale down as easily as it scales up

What we do for our customers is to embed these three commitments into the business model itself – Helping them set their business free.


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