From Analysis to Execution

While you can engage us to perform individual services, we prefer to involve ourselves in projects where we strongly participate in their execution. Experience has taught us that poor project execution does not deliver the IT capabilities the organization has committed itself to. We want to be involved in delivering on our promise.


This phase is directed at analyzing the gap between business objectives and current IT capabilities; IT capabilities being infrastructure, business systems, business processes and competences.

Typically, the analysis phase is interview-driven beginning with senior management, where we identify core business objectives. Next, we move throughout the organization highlighting areas where transformation is required in order to establish the right IT capabilities.

The results of the analysis phase are then presented to senior management for verification before proceeding to the strategy phase.


Before we can proceed to identify solutions, we need to make sure that the future IT strategy is deeply rooted in the objectives of each business.

This is done through ‘what-if’ scenario workshops with senior management in order to make sure that they fully understand the consequences of the choices they have to make.

Throughout the process of working with management, we make sure that we translate what can potentially be technically complex IT terminology into a language which is easy to understand and easy to relate to for non-IT professionals – in other words, we make sure that simplicity is not just something we talk about.

Finally, we use our practical experience to present an IT strategy containing business objectives translated into IT capabilities and deliverables, estimated demands for investment and estimated annual running costs as well as payback projections for management to verify before proceeding to the solutions phase.


Based on an approved IT strategy, we use our network and deep knowledge of IT to identify solutions as well as solution providers who we believe will be able to help us establish the right set of IT capabilities.

When meeting solution providers we stress the importance of them being sensitive to your industry fundamentals. For example, we expect that they understand that they should not propose Gold level services to a company operating in a marginal profits industry. We ensure that they understand, at all levels of their organization, what is required for you to succeed in your industry as well as to deliver on your business objectives.

Together with shortlisted solution providers, we take responsibility for creating proposals that are realistic and achievable. In other words, we make sure that whatever is promised can be delivered on time and on budget.

Upon approval of one or more of the solutions proposed, we most often proceed to the execution phase as we want to see you through the implementation phase and to make sure you achieve the IT capabilities necessary for you to meet your business objectives.


Based on the approved IT strategy as well as any approved solutions, we typically execute on your behalf implementing the strategy and the solutions by taking full ownership of the project.

We structure the project; we carefully select dedicated and committed project members, we set milestones and we direct the project and drive the change required to meet the IT deliverables and capabilities needed for you to meet your business objectives.

Throughout the project we communicate actively and effectively. We identify and eliminate obstacles to make sure that timelines, targets and budgets are met. We take deep pride in delivering on the project goals and so do our chosen business partners.


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