Your IT adviser

As your IT adviser, we enable your business, through analysis, strategy development and selection, solution design, and execution.

Optimizing your business in not an easy task and we understand your concerns. As your IT adviser we never start from scratch but instead bring our many years’ of experience to the table. We spend time understanding your real pain points and special circumstances surrounding your industry and business, so we can recommend perfectly suited solutions.


During the analysis, we map the gap between your business objectives and current IT capabilities. IT capabilities include infrastructure, business systems, business processes and competences. Typically, the analysis is interview-driven beginning with senior management. Here we identify – and sometimes adjust – core business objectives. Next, we move throughout the organization, highlighting areas where transformation is required in order to establish the right business and growth-enabling IT capabilities.


We present the results to senior management for verification and correction of potential discrepancies in understanding of key aspects before we proceed to developing the recommended IT strategy. The strategy takes into account your business processes and objectives and the required IT capabilities and deliverables, estimated demands for investment, estimated annual running costs as well as payback projections. We ensure you understand PROs and CONs, and help you choose the best for your business.

Solution proposal

Based on the approved IT strategy, we use our network and IT expertise to identify solutions such as ERP and Dynamics 365, as well as solution providers who can build the right set of IT capabilities. We focus on industry knowledge and the ability to help you deliver on your business objectives. Together with shortlisted providers, we create solution proposals that are realistic and achievable; that is on time and budget.


Upon approval of a proposed solution, we typically proceed to implementing the strategy. Now we structure the project, select dedicated and committed project members, set milestones, and drive the project. This drives the change required to meet the IT deliverables and capabilities needed for you to meet your business objectives.

Our advisory style is driven by transparency and you can expect active and effective communication, honest discussions about potential obstacles, and that we take responsibility for meeting timelines, targets and budgets are met.