Flexibility and successful projects through experts-as-a-service

IT projects stress your organisation

When you are undergoing change such as the implementation of a new business system, your permanent employees often get stressed, leading to soaring sick leaves and turn-over rates. This happens because they are put under pressure arising from both the extra work load and lack of necessary expertise.

Experts-as-a-service with the skills you need

At IZARA we have internal resources and a large network of experts who can be applied to your IT project. Our experts-as-a-service add the skills you need while taking constraints and stress off your permanent staff’s shoulders.

Our functional subject matter experts have 15+ years’ experience from previous positions such as CIO, CFO and CEO. Our technical subject matter experts have 15+ years’ experience with Axapta/AX/D365. And our project capacity all have a deep understanding of D365 and 5+ years PQE.

By adding flexible plug-and-play experts-as-a-service to your project, we deliver successful outcomes and faster time to value, while safe-keeping your permanent staff and business.

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