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We handle your transformation process so you can focus on the business

We are your experts

Many companies find it difficult to handle a transformation process. It can be extensive, and it puts pressure on the day-to-day work of the Finance department and the IT department. It is difficult to achieve everything when you also have to participate in a demanding project.

Many companies also find it difficult to hire an experienced CIO or CFO. And the challenge is greatest when you need extra resources for a period during a project.

Get expert help in IT or finance

The solution may be to divide, for example, the role of the CIO, so that your CIO can focus on being a traditional IT manager, and hire an expert from us to handle the tasks in the transformation process.

Let us help with the board meeting

Many boards work with an annual wheel. At the annual board meeting, IT is of course on the agenda. We can help prepare the presentation so that the board meeting will be as efficient as possible.

The board also gets help to ask the right questions, and we can help the management to express requirements and goals for the IT department, so we make sure that the board has a greater confidence that the organization has the right focus.

Hire an expert in peak load

Use us in the executive role during periods of great pressure on your CFO or CIO. We have the experience to fill your CIOs or CFOs shoes, because we have worked in similar roles in larger, international companies before we became consultants.

We can also help with recurring extra help for projects that extend over a longer period of time. We can help initiate initiatives, lead the project and manage it in goals.

Experts as a Service

Let’s work together?

Get an expert like CIO or CFO when you need more effort or more experience. We are Experts-as-a-Service.