International top executive takes over as IZARA CEO & Managing Partner

Thomas Okke Frahm, IZARA CEO Managing Partner

On 1 January 2021, Thomas Okke Frahm takes over the steering wheel from founding partner Jakob Ingemann.

With his many years’ executive experience from top tier companies including Vestas, Nilfisk, and Chr. Hansen, Thomas is an invaluable resource to IZARA’s customers. In particular his long-term focus on digitalization will come in handy. 

“I can’t wait to help IZARA’s customers future-proof their companies through digital transformation. Digitalization and quick, efficient, and business-supporting technology have been my passion and at the center of my career for as long as I can remember. Having had the chance to work with these and implement them in globally leading companies for more than a decade, I feel confident I can help IZARA’s customers reach new heights” Thomas says.

And Thomas’ positive aspirations are backed up by Jakob Ingemann. 

Jakob, who founded IZARA in 2007 and has spent the past 13 years building a customer-centric, expert-heavy, and truly honest company, also looks ahead with great anticipation:

“Welcoming Thomas as CEO and Partner is an extreme asset to IZARA. From our past join projects and obvious synergies, I know that Thomas and I will be able to offer our customers even greater benefits. I have no doubt that leaving IZARA, my baby, to Thomas, is the best I can do” he says and adds that he will take over the role as Chairman of the Board, supporting Thomas, IZARA, and the customers. 

But experience, expertise and past cooperation are not the only strengths of the new partnership. Both former trainees in Maersk, the global shipping company, the new partners’ relationship dates back more than two decades. And it is this relationship and shared values the new partnership is built on. 

Read the article in Computerworld (membership, Danish). 

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