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IT review

Most companies need to review their IT strategy on a regular basis and we’ll help you with that process

Review the IT strategy for a regular audit

Many companies conduct a periodic performance review. Then the CEO and CFO go out to subsidiaries and production units and get a status on how everything is going and what problems there may be. In the same way, with this service we carry out a temperature measurement of the company’s current IT situation.

IT must provide returns

You do not run a business out of pure love. The company must make a profit, and if there is an opportunity to trim the company so that it creates greater profits, then it must be exploited.

It usually requires strategic changes and new IT support for new initiatives.

But maybe there are managers in your company who do not like being asked questions about the strategy, because they themselves have helped to create the strategy and have prestige invested in it.

It may also be that freedom of movement is limited by legacy systems that prevent you from taking new initiatives – or just keeping up with developments in your market.


How we do

All companies should conduct an IT review on a regular basis. It is a management tool for management so they can understand what capabilities and opportunities the company has.


If you are a private equity fund, then you can use this service for divestment. We assess whether the company is ready to be sold. And whether there are actions that are manageable to perform that can make the company easier to sell or achieve a higher price.


IT review as a dialogue tool

We often experience that there is a gap between the management and the IT department, and that there is even poor communication. There we often help the management with an approach that we call “seek to understand before you are understood”.

The management will claim that the IT department is not business-oriented, and while we do something about it, we also want to help the management to become more IT-oriented, so that they can make the right demands on the IT department.

IT is a production asset that you have invested in that helps you do business. And with an IT review, we help you make a profit from your investment.

Shall we work together?

The will to create change

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Thomas Kragh