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IT strategy

We help you with a tangible and action-oriented IT strategy

IT strategy for your company

All companies need a tangible and action-oriented IT strategy. We sometimes meet companies that say: “we are an old-fashioned company, and we do fine without an IT strategy”, but they still have electronic documents, emails, and they shop and pay electronically.

All businesses are highly digital today. A good IT strategy is important for everyone.

Stuck with old decisions

Many large companies are stuck, and this is due to many years of bad decisions regarding IT. It is our experience that the larger the company – the more international, and the more legacy technology they have – the more they stick to the framework of the past.

Such companies find it difficult to sell via the Internet and serve customers digitally. This is because they have legacy systems, old processes, and their employees are unfortunately ingrained in old processes and habits. All initiatives have become unmanageably difficult. Those kinds of companies have become supertankers that are hard to turn.

It goes without saying that if you continue on the same path, you will end up in the same place. And if you need to change direction, we will help start the process with an IT strategy.


How we do

The work with an IT strategy is based on:

You can, for example, choose to use our Due Diligence service as a basis for laying out an IT strategy, but this is not a prerequisite. And if you are a private equity fund seeking our help to lay out an IT strategy for the company you have purchased, then we also make sure that the IT strategy takes into account that the company may need to be merged or sold, or that parts of the company can be separated.

Anchoring and clear speech

We build the IT strategy with you. We conduct interviews with management and key people in your company, so that we anchor the strategy in the management and the entire organization.

Some say with a smile that “IT is too important to leave to the IT people”. The idea is that even though the IT department has the main role, an IT strategy will only be successful if the management and key people have committed to it. We consider it part of our job to ensure that.

People basically do not like change. That is our nature. Most people want tomorrow to be just like yesterday. But when you can see that it is not good enough, we will help you face reality and steer you safely forward. 

We do that by saying things as they are.

With respect for
the existing business

It is a mantra in our work that “we take care of the business today while we prepare for the business tomorrow”. There are too many companies that forget to take care of their existing business while building a new IT strategy. It doesn’t matter that you are undergoing an impressive disruption development if you forget that the majority of your revenue today is not digital. There are still colleagues on the factory floor while you think about digitization. We need to make sure there are still items coming out the door. In that situation, our experience is crusial. We are consultants who have been in your role for many years. We know what it takes to be successful with both the current business and the new IT strategy.

Shall we work together?

The will to create change

It all begins with the will to change. When you as the owner or manager of the company have the will to create change, we are the right people to structure and speed up the change process. We create action and change, and we will not let you go until that happens.
Thomas Kragh