Mikael became a partner with IZARA – a natural step for an experienced CFO with high 2nd career aspirations

Mikael Dittmann is a Business Adviser, CFO-as-a-Service & Partner at IZARA

After more than 20 years in large corporations and 2 years as an independent consultant with close relations to IZARA, Mikael Dittmann decided to become a partner of the company in the spring of 2020. This is his story of the path to this decision, what he will focus on in the future and his advice for potential future employees. 

Having focused on finance, business processes, and IT for more than 20 years, I found myself ready to part with my long-term employer and start my 2nd career in 2018. But, despite knowing that I am an expert in my field, making the move was a leap of faith into the unknown.  I spent much time considering how I could offer my future customers the most value, as my main drive has always been, that I want to make difference and create value. 

Again and again I have seen IT projects that fail, when the measure is on keeping complexity low, keeping investment and effort within expectation, delivering on time and making sure the outcome is sustainable. 

I was certain that my insight in all levels of finance operations from data entry on user level, through local finance management and corporate finance in a complex multinational manufacturing company combined with many years of experience in IT and EPR roll-out projects, was exactly what would give me an edge. An edge where I on senior level, could help transform business strategy into IT strategy and help to execute both. 

How did your relationship with IZARA start? 

During the first cup of coffee with IZARA, we realized that we share many visions for how we could take expert knowledge and decades of experience and transform this into maximum value for our customers. In the spring of 2020, after two years primarily working as an independent consultant with IZARA, I decided to strengthen our relationship further and become a partner. 

Becoming a partner in a company is a large step. What are your main reasons for choosing this path? 

First of all, getting a chance to apply my experience from large corporations to my own customers has taught me much about different customers and industries, my own abilities – and limitations – and how to pull on the experience from other very experienced team members. I have become more versatile and developed a good understanding of how I can maximize value for many different customers. With this experience, and a good opportunity at hand, it was easy to make the decision. 

And when I say “a good opportunity” I am referring to the fact that the way we work at IZARA strongly appeals to me. At IZARA, we are a team. We all have a say and we support each other and our customers, always. In an industry that has historically had a bad reputation, IZARA’s focus on customer-centricity, high integrity, and creating maximum value together with the customer instead of just selling hours, is a breath of fresh air. And the future, if you ask me. 

How well did reality match your expectations? 

I came to IZARA with an expectation to be thrown straight into the large and interesting projects that were in the pipeline. I have since learned that lead times for projects are often longer than expected but nonetheless, I have worked on very interesting assignments during these past 2 years. 

What are your immediate plans as a new partner in IZARA? 

I have recently taken ownership of building a new, ground-breaking product, just as I am strengthening our Experience-as-a-Service offering where our customers can get flexible and highly experienced top management resources, i.e. CFO-as-a-Service like myself, when they go through change, build a new organization or simply while waiting for the perfect permanent candidate. 

What advise do you have for potential employees reading your story? 

No matter your role and aspirations, with IZARA you will become a part of a team and a culture. We have a positive environment characterized by high spirit, high-reaching ambitions, and no wasted time beating around the bush. We don’t do things “the way they have always been done” and we use this innovative thinking to support our raison d’etre: to maximize value for and together with our customers. 

– Mikael has more than 20 years’ experience from a variety of top financial and IT functions and has been working together with IZARA since 1st May 2018. Read more about Mikael and contact him today.