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Are you a private equity fund and needs help to assess whether an IT set up is scalable? We can help!

We are your experts

We perform IT Due Diligence, developing the IT strategy with focus on divestment and if needed we also execute on the strategy to ensure scalability and to ensure the company is ready for divestment.

IT Due Diligence / IT review

When buying a company it can be challenge to get a full overview of the digital platform and the risks related when scaling up.

We can help you to create the basis for the decision making to ensure future opportunities and prevent scaling risks.

What we do

  • Secure business objectives and – IT objectives are aligned
  • Review of governance and organization
  • Review of capabilities, skills and systems
  • Review Data & reporting
  • Review Finance (OPEX & CAPEX)
  • Review IT Security & Business continuity
  • Review Changes readiness assessment

IT Strategy focus on divestment

It is essential for any businesses today to have a solid IT strategy. IT is the backbone of every business and therefore it is important to ensure a strategy that is scalable, can adapt quickly to changing market and a strategy that will help you to stay competitive today and in the future.

What we do

  • Interview both IT and business relevant people in the organization
  • Secure business objectives and – IT objectives are aligned
  • Review of current market situation
  • Review of infrastructure capabilities
  • Review of Business systems capabilities
  • Review of organizational capabilities
  • Creating a 3-5 years roadmap
  • A tangible IT strategy

IT Advisory and transformation execution

We help you prepare for divestment. We assess whether the company is ready to be sold. And whether there are actions that are manageable to perform that can make the company easier to sell or achieve a higher price.

What we do

  • Mobilization of digital transformation
  • Program and project management
  • IT architecture and data transformation
  • Operational assistance
  • General IT advisory

Board Advisory

During Board meetings, IT should be on top of the agenda. Requesting upgrade of IT experience on Board level, you should consider adding IT advisory competencies to execute the current and future IT strategies. Having high experienced IT resources assisting the Board, your company will be able to optimize the IT investment decision-making process.

What we do

  • General advisory
  • Cost efficiency
  • IT Investment guidance
  • Business Plan and IT Strategy

Contact us

If you have any further questions or want to know more about what we can do for you, then write to us:

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Thomas Kragh

Customer Relations

Thomas Kragh
+45 2117 6000

Vesterbrogade 149, Building 3, 1. floor
1620 Copenhagen