IT advisory and project governance

Are you facing challenges in your current IT setup? Does your IT organisation seem heavy, yet inflexible? Do you have bottlenecks and budgeting problems?

We help you diagnose and fix IT challenges through advisory within infrastructure, organisation, business system, implementation, governance, project, strategy, due diligence and IT review.

And when you are ready to optimise your setup we help you manage your IT project, ensuring it takes you where you want it to.

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Staff and capabilities as-a-service

Hiring an expert such as a CTO or CIO-as-a-service adds flexibility to a business undergoing growth or change.

IZARA comprises of partners and consultants with decades of top level experience which we love to share. We offer CTO and CIO-as-a-service, SME experts, ERP single resources as well as teams perfectly suited your IT project.

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Managed off-shore services

Some IT tasks can with great benefit be outsources however the management of parties across distances is not an easy task.

We offer off-shore services by our official Microsoft partner, Indian Sonata. Sonata has many years’ experience in among others ERP services and through them we are able to offer development, operations, and support of your IT setup.

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IZARA as your partner

You’ve got a business to run. An increasing organisation with big objectives. Your focus needs to be on your business and growth, without constraints. When you think about it, all you want from your IT is peace of mind. No more overspent IT projects and expensive disruptions. No more time wasted on growth-limiting solutions. No surprises. At IZARA we put your freedom first. Freedom from overspent IT projects and disruptions. Freedom through a long-term partnership focusing on reaching your objectives. Because as your IT advisor we give you the freedom to choose a future in which IT is a scalable helping hand, business enabler, predictable monthly budget post, and a mean to a business oriented, leaner and less complicated organisation. IZARA - Peace of mind, as a service.

Carsten Kjelde, Business adviser, CIO-as-a-service & partner, IZARA
Carsten Kjelde – Business Advisor, CIO-as-a-service & Partner

Business Advisor | CIO-as-a-service | Partner

I build business cases that ensure optimal benefit realization for our customers.

Carsten Kjelde   Carsten Kjelde on LinkedIn

Carsten Kjelde – Business Advisor, CIO-as-a-service & Partner
Jakob Ingemann, CEO, Business adviser & Partner, IZARA
Jakob Ingemann – CEO, Business Advisor & Partner

CEO | Business Advisor | Partner

I change the IT industry from technical to business-oriented.

Jakob Ingemann   Jakob Ingemann on LinkedIn

Jakob Ingemann – CEO, Business Advisor & Partner
Thomas Kragh, Engagement Manager & Partner, IZARA
Thomas Kragh – Customer relations & Partner

Customer relations Manager | Partner

I build, maintain, and optimize relationships with our customers and business partners.

Thomas Kragh   Thomas Kragh on LinkedIn

Thomas Kragh – Customer relations & Partner
Transparency and flexibility: Lars Heineke, MCI
Increased transparency and flexibility.
“Dynamics 365 has provided us with increased transparency and flexibility across our businesses, supporting data driven decision across the value chain. IZARA assisted us in analysing and mapping our IT-spend and confirmed that we probably did not spend too much in total, but that a big part of the spend was not really-value adding activities. After a thorough business objective and needs analysis by IZARA, Dynamics 365 in the cloud and surrounding services was shortlisted. During implementation IZARA took charge of project management as well as finance lead to ensure implementation of the agreed project objectives in all corners of the company. Post go-live IZARA is still dedicated to optimizing our implementation and usage, helping us setting the direction and ambition for the usage and integration of the business system as an evergreen solution so we hopefully never have to implement again...unless technology disrupts.”

– Lars Heineke, CFO, MCI Group

IZARA icon logo
Quick and correct decisions.
"Jakob from IZARA is determined, open, honest, has a solution-oriented attitude and is trustworthy. His way of making demands of his own people and the way he motivates us is unique. With his capabilities to manage the project, we have reached the goals that have seemed almost impossible. Focus on due dates has been clear. It has been a pleasure and a very educational experience to work under his leadership. The ability to summarize key information and make quick but correct decisions has been an important capacity. Motivation and willingness to change, adaptation and to implement standardization has been a strong focus in our cooperation."

– Mariann Auglestad, Plant Chemist Dynea North, Lillestrøm, Production Track lead

IZARA icon logo
Clarity and simplicity.
"Jakob from IZARA is a change and transformation agent. He is a disruptive force that will force you to rethink your current working practices. He will bring clarity and simplicity to the way you work and unshackle inefficiencies from your operations. Priceless learning experience gained from the transformation voyage."

– Jussi Raukavaara, Infrastructure Manager, Dynea Group

Our customer, Bjørn Rosbach, CIO Dynea Group
Makes things happen.
"Jacob from IZARA extracts information from people and processes and finds what is really relevant. He always seeks simple, good solutions and challenges routines and procedures to make sure we can implement them. In projects he is demanding, both for internal and external team, but he makes things happen."

– Bjørn Rosbach, CIO Dynea Group

Our customer, Jari Sihvonen, CFO Dynea Finland
Rewarding, but also challenging.
"Working with you was all the time rewarding but also challenging. Your approach is at the same time giving but also taking. Personally I appreciate straight forward approach, which is maybe the most visible thing when working with you. Basically at all the times everybody can trust that if you see something which is not going in the right direction, you say it out loud with no ill-will but just to get things done. I also appreciated your business process knowledge and that helped the implementation a lot."

– Jari Sihvonen, CFO Dynea Finland, Finance Track lead

Brutally honest and dead right: Henrik Vildenfeldt, Dynea
Brutally honest and dead right.
"I have worked with Jakob from IZARA in various companies over the past 13 years. I have on several occasions tasked him with investigating complex business process/IT System issues and he has always been able to pinpoint the problems and provide simple and pragmatic solutions as well as drive change where change has been required. I would hire Jakob again anytime."

– Henrik Vildenfeldt, Senior VP CFO Dynea Group