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Peace of mind, as a service

Strategic IT consulting

With IZARA, you will receive strategic advice. It is our ambition to be the best IT consultants in the world. These are big words, but we are not like the other advisors in the industry, and we are proud of that.

You have a business to focus on, and we will help you run and improve it.

IT is an investment

IT is an investment which should provide you with a return and help you achieve your business goals. IT must not hold you back when you take new initiatives to develop your business.

Your IT projects do not need to run over time and budget.

IT should make you ready for change, create opportunities and facilitate your efficiency. 

IT should give you “peace of mind”, and we will help you attain it through strategic advice and executive support – we will support you on Due Diligence, laying out IT strategy, perform periodic IT reviews, and you can hire our core competencies via Experts-as-a-Service.

You will meet consultants at IZARA whom have experience from roles just as your own. They have worked as CFOs and CIOs for many years in larger, international companies. They have lots of grit under their fingernails and are very familiar with the challenges you are facing.

That is why we are not like the other consulting houses. It’s not enough that your consultants know what they’re talking about – they must also have practical proficiency on your circumstances.


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With us you will not meet smart consultants with platitudes and corporate powerpoints about what you should do. We are practitioners and we like to do the work ourselves. We will greet you with a large toolbox of concrete methods and gear to create and execute a strategy that is understandable and operational. It is very tangible.

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Let’s work together

Our strength is that we have endured your obstacles ourselves in practice. Your partners at IZARA all come with extensive international experience from larger companies, where we have been at both the acquiring and selling end.