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We provide expert assistance to private equity firms in evaluating the scalability of IT setups, ensuring informed investment decisions.


We specialize in IT Due Diligence, meticulously evaluating the technology landscape to identify potential risks and opportunities. Our expertise extends to developing a comprehensive IT strategy with a keen focus on M&A or divestment, ensuring that the technology infrastructure aligns with the business objectives for a successful transition. 

Beyond IT Due Diligence and strategic planning, we also offer hands-on execution of these strategies to guarantee scalability and readiness for divestment. This proactive approach includes optimizing systems, processes, and data management to enhance efficiency and value. 

By entrusting us with this critical aspect of your business, you can be confident that the IT framework is not only robust and scalable but also primed for a smooth and M&A or divestment process. 

IT Due Diligence / IT review

When acquiring a company, establishing a thorough understanding of its digital platform and the associated risks during scaling up can be daunting. Our expertise lies in unraveling this complexity to provide a clear, comprehensive overview of the existing digital landscape. 

We assess the potential risks and identify areas that need attention, ensuring you have a solid foundation for informed decision-making. Our support extends to devising strategies that not only capitalize on future opportunities but also effectively mitigate scaling risks. 

With our guidance, you can confidently navigate the digital aspects of your acquisition, ensuring a smooth transition and a strong platform for growth.

Key benefits

  • Secure that business objectives and IT objectives are aligned
  • Review governance and organization
  • Review capabilities, skills and systems
  • Review data & reporting
  • Review finance (OPEX & CAPEX)
  • Review IT security & business continuity
  • Assess change-readiness

IT Strategy focus on Divestment

In today’s digital era, a solid IT strategy is not just beneficial but essential for every business. 

IT serves as the backbone, supporting and driving all aspects of operations and growth. Therefore, it’s critical to establish a strategy that is not only scalable as your business grows, but also flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. 

This strategic approach enables you to leverage technology effectively, keeping your business agile and competitive. 

By focusing on a robust IT strategy, you ensure that your technology infrastructure can meet current needs while being poised to capitalize on future opportunities, keeping you at the forefront of your industry.

Key benefits

  • Interview IT- and business-relevant people in the organization
  • Secure that business strategy and IT-strategy are aligned
  • Review current market situation
  • Review IT-infrastructure capabilities
  • Review capabilities of business systems
  • Review organizational capabilities
  • Formulate an IT strategy with a 3-5 year horizon

IT Advisory and transformation execution

Our services are designed to meticulously prepare the company for divestment. 

We conduct a thorough assessment to determine if the company is primed for sale, identifying key areas that need attention. This involves evaluating operational efficiencies, financial health, and market positioning. Furthermore, we pinpoint actionable strategies that can simplify the sale process or potentially increase the sales price. These actions may include streamlining processes, improving technological infrastructure, or enhancing market strategies. 

Our goal is to ensure that when you decide to divest, the company is presented in the best possible light, maximizing its appeal to potential buyers and achieving optimal sale terms.

Key benefits

  • Mobilize the digital transformation
  • Program and project management
  • IT architecture and data transformation
  • Operational assistance & general IT advisory

Board Advisory

IT should be a primary focus during board meetings in today’s technology-driven business environment. If your board lacks sufficient IT expertise, integrating our IT advisory services can be a game-changer in executing current and future IT strategies. By bringing on board our seasoned IT professionals, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can significantly enhance the decision-making process regarding IT investments. 

Our expertise helps align IT initiatives with business objectives and ensures that every technology investment is strategic, well-informed, and contributes to overall growth and efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Advisory on specific M&A topics
  • Analysis on hos to optimize cost efficiency
  • IT investment guidance
  • Assistance to build a business plan and IT strategy