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Due Diligence

If you represent a private equity fund or a company we can help you with a Due Diligence

In a Due Diligence, we form an overview of the company that you want to buy

We review

We review the company’s IT support and we conduct interviews with management and key personnel, so we understand the company’s strategic objectives.

We evaluate

We evaluate how the company’s IT systems support the current business. Which aspects are well-functioning, and which are risky? And we compare that with what it costs to run the IT systems.

We clarify

Then we clarify what business objectives you have with buying the company in question, and we map out how far from the goal the company is in all areas.


consulting agency

Traditional consulting firms would call it a fit / gap analysis, but we are not happy with that term, because fit / gap analyzes are usually too generic and overarching. We take pride in being action-oriented and mapping out what you will specifically lack in the IT area in order to reach your goals if you buy the company.

We also evaluate whether the company has the necessary competencies to achieve your goals. The traditional consultants would call it a change readiness assessment, and such reports unfortunately tend to end up unused in the desk drawer. We make the evaluation very concrete and map the extent to which the company is ready for change.

Who will drive the change? And what does it take for the company as a whole to be able to implement the change?

Our strength lies in our experience

Our strength is that we have tried it ourselves in practice. Your consultants at IZARA all come with extensive international experience from larger companies, where we have been at both the buying and selling end.


.. We are tired of empty management-consulting-lingo, because we know well what you specifically need. We have worked with corporate sales many times, in different countries, in different cultures, in both good and tight financial situations.

We stand by our advice and evaluations, because we know what we ourselves would require in the situation. What we write in a Due Diligence, we are accountable for.

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