IZARA reorganises and strengthens service offers

It has been 1,5 years since we set out on the journey of setting new standards for the ERP industry and merged with AXspecialists . Since then, we have been on an extreme learning curve full of analysis, understanding, adaption, value alignment, new product and service development, and of finding our place in the industry. In April 2019 the two companies decided to part again – many great learnings and stronger offerings richer.

When success is knowing when to quit

The dreams and hopes were high for Jakob Ingemann, CEO of IZARA, when we in 2017 embarked on a journey to revolutionize the ERP industry. With many years’ of experience in IT consultancy he had seen how the industry had fallen behind, offering its customers expensive hour-based solutions that are impossible to budget for but for some reason always manage to exceed same budget and deadlines. Businesses all over were growing dissatisfied in particular as digitalisation brought around new flexible, cost effective and transparent solutions. With the merger between IT consultancy IZARA and one of Denmark’s best ERP houses, AXspecialists, Jakob’s dream of giving back the freedom to his customers came true. Unfortunately the merger didn’t go as planned.

“Of course I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to pull off my dream of changing the industry standards in the first serious try. IZARA and AXspecialists both brought industry leading competencies to the table but our desired end results and company values were too wide apart”, says Jakob and looks out the window of the new head quarter right on the serene quay side in Copenhagen’s “Holmen”.

Customer-centricity is still the new black

But the merger also brought along important key learnings and customer success stories. From the interactions with customers during the period IZARA validated the idea that a more customer-centric, flexible and integrated approach was sought after from the industry. The new framework that ranged from initial problem identification and analysis through IT advisory, business system choice, design and implementation (in cases where former AXspecialists’ core competence D365 was the solution), and to long-term maintenance, ERP Evergreen, was proven highly beneficial to customers on various occasions.

An example is the Climate case, a customer who had to urgently handle a company split up with minimum negative impact on its own customers. With the efficient integrated approach, IZARA helped Climate identify the solution they needed and design, implement, and keep the business system updated within just 25 days – while at the same time allowing the company to conduct business as usual.

Our services – from dream to tested solution

When the new IZARA started up after the split it was therefore with a refined service offering that takes the best from our learnings. This includes

  • IT and business advisory which works to analyse our customers’ business, organisation, and IT setup and develop an IT strategy that enables the company’s objectives
  • Experts as-a-Service, that is augmented expert staff to help our customers through resource demanding projects, and
  • Long-term maintenance and support through our Microsoft accredited partner Sonata

With these services and a large network of external consultants we are able to provide our customers the flexibility, predictability, and growth-supporting foundation their business deserves.

If you have questions to the above or are interested in hearing more about what we can do for your organisation, please contact our Head of Customer Relations, Thomas Kragh on +45 21176000.