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Do you need expert knowledge?

We are your experts

The strategy must be translated into reality. Get expert help in peak loads or if you need to build an IT organization. We help to take responsibility, make decisions and bring the project to fruition success.

Interim Management

Do you need temporary assistance from one of IZARA’s very experienced CIO’s or CFO’s?

What we do

  • Short term assistance on CXO level – primarily CIO and CFO
  • Building or developing an IT organization from non-strategical part of Finance to a stand-alone organization supporting the entire company with IT on both operational and strategical level.
  • Having an unforeseen exit from the previous CFO or CIO, we can assist you temporarily. While searching for the right replacement, IZARA will cover the open position with a skilled CXO with decades of experience.

Peak load support

Do you struggle to finish in time – or are you undergoing a transformation and cannot keep up with the daily work?

What we do

  • Assist your organization with a short term capacity on CXO level – primarily CIO or CFO
  • Taking responsibility end-to-end to a limited number of tasks from the CIO/CFO to free up space for running daily business

CIO Advisory

Do you need an independent, trusted CIO advisor – perhaps securing that IT is an integrated part of the overall company strategy? Many companies don’t know, if the IT organization is performing as best practices and if you are contributing to a competitive profile of the company.

What we do

  • Trusting IT advisory based on decades of experience
  • Benchmarking your IT against “best practice” IT portfolios
  • Optimization of the IT organization

CFO Advisory

Do you need an independent, trusted CFO advisor.

What we do

  • Trusting finance advisory based on decades of experience
  • Optimization of the Finance organization
  • Guidance and advisory regarding a specific project or change management program etc.

Contact us

If you have any further questions or want to know more about what we can do for you, then write to us:

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Thomas Kragh

Customer Relations

Thomas Kragh
+45 2117 6000

Vesterbrogade 149, Building 3, 1. floor
1620 Copenhagen